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4th September 2007

Screams of Horror

3rd December 2008

Guilty Island

10th December 2008

It's just so laughable

12th December 2008


Posted by BenNike

It is a comprehension one isn't able to understand.
Despite the time for tough and soft moments, forsaken and emotional memories

are etched deep down into oneself.

The ability to think, rationally, as to know how poignant it would be, how

much defeat that one is going through now.
It seems endless, without any signs of benevolance.

It seems deliberating. Maybe or it just purely the inability to forgo the

past recollection that are for one that hinders it all.

Yet again, just how long will it takes ?

It's rather, naive and coward.

Sometimes, decisions are to be made, simple and easy.
A little thoughts pondered to it, and it is all that it takes.
Why trying to dwell within the philosophy of other dimension ?

It's tempting to invoke anger to bring some senses to it.
It's even more tempting to evoke resentment in one's action.

But what's the point ?
The cycle will only repeat itself, and that would be the last thing
one would wish to encounter again.
A lesson learnt, once and not anymore.

It's just too tiring sometimes.

- BeN

To Do List Today

Posted by BenNike

Now I'm left the revision of

  • FIT2006
  • FIT3136
  • FIT3136 Assignment 1
  • FIT3047 Report Gantt Chart

FIT 2001 Tutorial - Week 3

Posted by BenNike

March 17th Tutorial - FIT 2001

Today we've learned in detail in regards to the appropriate website user interface. Colour coordination, placement of buttons and designs, and so forth are all the factors that have to be taken into account in designing a user friendly website.

Other than that, the tutor has taught us how to manage a storyboard in designing a web page itself. Definitely a fun learning activity, despite the simplicity it may sound.

- Benjamin Lim Beng Han
- 22204784

Merdeka ?

Posted by BenNike

Countdown has already started but just what is this meaningful event occurring soon that everyone is so jubilant about ? 31 August 1957, a vital date where Malaysia has come a long way since then. Independence, a wishful ideology eon ago, has finally come to an end.

Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !

Merdeka, derived from Sanskrit Maharddhika which invokes the meaning of "rich, prosperous and powerful". The echoed voices emanating from the entire citizens, the endless chants together with the might of Tunku Abdul Rahman as legitimately signed the declaration of independence, the beginning of our desired freedom. Thus, Malaysia was born.

One of the most sophisticated cultural pluralism nation in the world, with a vast diversity of cultures that can be seen through the lenses of different races like Malay, Chinese, Indian and Indigenous people. Moreover, the uniqueness of the country as it imposed the diversity as a positive resource rather than a difficult and impassable barrier of multi-cultural ism.


Kids aligning themselves in many school halls, singing with rigid and stern
attitude for the song of independence and the national anthem, the rise of myriad independence themed competitions covering from the decoration of our beloved country's flag to the handiwork of innovative independence poems. All seems well per say.

But little did we know, has time actually played a big role in corroding the genuine
authenticity meaning of patriotism ?

We ponder to ourselves, the state of what we are living in. Corruptions going on endlessly, the augmentation of
transgression distortion of various crimes, the unity of multiracial bonds which has now become more of a sketchy image rather than the real belief instilled within everyone.

these scenarios are becoming prevalent and almost ubiquitous. So what have become of us ?

The merry of independent had turned ugly when 13 May 1969 incident occurred.

The crisis was sparked by extreme communal politics and they sure did not consider the terrible consequences out of it. The laymen term of "white man's burden" quest solely relied on the greed for wealth. The theory of comparative advantage by Adam Smith could be seen in Malaya when most of the mining, and rubber industry were being outsourced to the best people who could do that which are the Chinese and Indian.

Despite the wealth, the only return we could get were disparity and polarization between the multi-racial society in Malaysia, which served as the best recipe for conflict, violence and disaster.

In 1970's, students were more dynamic and patriotic. As of the youth in the 21st century, loopholes are constantly being generated which simply inhibit their ability to continue the legacy of producing national leader at tertiary education level. This is many due thanks to unilateralism meritocracy and the controversial mindset. =)

When you talk about national unity, most of us would be relying upon external factors to deal with it such as equality in economic distribution, social justice and cohesiveness in politics. Rarely religion plays a leading role to promote the solution and understanding for Malaysian in our path to national unity. The mould of our political, economic and social point of view has never been emphasis grealty through religious scope. Be it in Islam, or any other religions.

This is our weak points.

Can racial based politics be abolished without the cohesion and synergy between respective sides in giving the best for the citizens ?

Can we guarantee the lifeline of creativity, bravery and patriotism for Malaysian youth ?

Lastly, how can we learn the importance of galvanizing our youth to be more responsible towards our nation ?

These are one of the few, that we must be reminiscent of from time to time.
Thus, I rest my case.

- Ben Lim
- 31st Aug 2010

- Hi Ai Shin ^^

2nd August 2010

Posted by BenNike

Lol. No more readers. =D
This is what you get when you've abandoned your blog for a long long long time. Eons ago~

All right.

Gonna be hardworking for 2nd sem. I'm hyped ! ^^

Study - Workout - Dance - Out - Swim - Badminton <3

-Ben Lim

Byee =P

Who Am I ?

Posted by BenNike

Who Am I ?

int x = 23; INSERT VALUE (NVL("name",0, "age) AS, LOAD $R1, C,

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1 word : Stress

Days are passing by quicker than lightning, as we struggle to get hold of "time", but times and tides wait for no men.

I've just finished my long, arduous and strenous programming interview. And the result ? Can't be bothered =)

Lol. I need a rest. Long long rest. Pimples are popping out, >< Oh well. @@

- BeN
- Save Me !